Past History

Moms League of Aiken (MLA) was formed in 2020. Many of our members were once a part of an international club that wasn’t inclusive of all moms and therefore the local chapter was disbanded. To better serve our community, the board created a new nonprofit that is open to all moms in the Aiken area.

Present Day

Our mom community offers support in several ways, including:

  • Activities to fit every mom’s schedule – daytime playdates, weekend family functions, and evening events geared towards moms
  • Monthly kid free Moms Night Out event
  • Community involvement though charity fundraising and local service projects that benefit moms and children
  • Members only Facebook group to share parenting issues, funny memes, or just life in general in a judgement free zone
  • Support for new moms through meal trains and personal connections

The Future

MLA is excited to welcome new members, add more activities to better serve all moms, and expand our charity work to benefit families in the Aiken area