Frequently Asked Questions

 Our Membership Chair will be in touch about collecting dues and setting up an in-person meeting if you have not yet attended a Meet & Greet event.

Yes! Member’s children are welcome at all events and meetings, except the monthly group sponsored Moms Night Out.

Dues are $40 a year which then help cover the costs of meetings, special events, and any costs associated with running a nonprofit. Our executive board and committees are all volunteers and do not receive salary or stipends.

Members are expected to:
1. Host/Co-host at least one event per quarter
2. Attend at least one event per quarter
3. Attend at least 2 business meetings per year.
4. Participate in a charity event at least once per year.

Moms League of Aiken only exists because of the involvement of our members and we want to create a strong community to support all moms. We strive to have active members so if you would like to become more involved then please reach out to any Executive Board Member.  

It is strongly encouraged for all members to attend business meetings. This monthly meeting is a time to discuss the latest events, vote on official league matters, share new ideas, and get to know one another better. By attending these meetings, members have an active voice in how MLA operates. 

Every month, there will be an opportunity for members to volunteer to host an event. You as the host choose the date, time, place, and activity based on your own preferences. Events can be held in your home, a neutral location such as a park, or at a local attraction. Activities can be as simple as play time together or more elaborate, such as crafts, baking, or games. Events may be targeted towards certain age groups, such as under 5, elementary aged, families, or just moms, but keep in mind that children are allowed at all member hosted events.

No, MLA is not affiliated with any other group, church, or business. We are an inclusive group for moms in the Aiken area and strive to be welcoming to all.